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Feb, 2019

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Jun, 2017

Little League 2017 Bat Policy, including 2018 updates and changes

Please note that as of January 1, 2018, the new USA Baseball Bat Standard will be implemented. Little League-approved baseball bats that are approved for use for the 2017 season will no longer be acceptable for use in any Little League game or activity starting on January 1, 2018.


Jun, 2017

Dad, It Doesn't Help by Mark Maguire

During the 2014 season, I asked my then 11-year-old son: "What do all the children in the dugout think when their parents urge them on with ‘instructions’ and ‘encouragement’ as they are playing the game?" He said bluntly, “they don’t like it.”


May, 2017

2017 Little League Pitch Count Limits and Mandatory Rest Rules By LINDSEY BARTON STRAUS, JD

In an effort to stem the alarming increase in elbow and shoulder injuries among young baseball pitchers,  Little League Baseball adopted important rules in 2007 to limit the number of  pitches a pitcher can throw in a game and how much rest he must take pitching appearances.