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Jun, 2022

Deland Little League Board Meeting

DeLand Little League

Meeting Minutes

Regular Meeting at Chipper Jones Sports Complex

A Regular Meeting of the DeLand Little League Board of Directors was Held at

403 S. Alabama Ave., DeLand FL 32724

On June 30, 2022 at 6 PM

Attendees: Chris Wheaton, Carlos Navarro, Scott Sanders, Tom Stauffenberg, Phillip Manchester, Tracy Goddard,  Oliver King, Paula Outzen, Chris Lewis, Carol Laxner, Kurt Luman, Ricky Darrow, William Payne, Mike Setaro

Call to Order

The Meeting was called to order by:  Tom Stauffenberg  at 6:09 PM.

Motion to accept minutes from prior meeting by: Tom Stauffenberg  Second:  Phillip Manchester

Presidents Report:  Notes of interest – 10u Softball Championship game being held at DLL Fields vs. LM  7PM

Treasurers Report:  Checking $4522, Savings $17,557, Petty Cash $157, Outstanding Sponsorships $1025,

                                  Outstanding expenses: All Star Jersey and All Star Tournament expense $2541

  1. Agenda Item #1

                   Add Tom Stauffenberg to Bank Accounts

                   Motion:  Chris Lewis                         Second:  Scott Sanders


                   Remove Ashley Dumas from Bank Accounts

                   Motion:  Chris Lewis                         Second: Tracy Goddard


  2. Agenda Item #2

                   Continue in Current Role: Ricky Darrow as Treasurer

                   Motion:  Chris Wheaton                  Second:  Tracy Goddard


                   Continue in Current Role: Scott Sanders as League Information Officer

                   Motion:  Chris Lewis                         Second:  Tracy Goddard


                   Continue in Current Role: Lisa George as Concession Manager

                   Motion:  Chris Wheaton                  Second:  Phillip Manchester



  3. Agenda Item #3

                   Officers Discussion: Vice President, Safety Officer, Secretary, Sponsorship/Fundraising Manager,



    Vote on Vice President – Mike Connolly w/attachment, William Payne w/attachment,

                   Chris Wheaton

                   Motion:  Oliver King                         Second:  Phillip Manchester

                                  GroupMe Poll Vote: 5 votes Connolly, 5 votes Wheaton,

                                  8 votes in favor of William Payne





    Vote on Safety Officer – Oliver King w/attachment

                   Motion:  Chris Wheaton                  Second:  Phillip Manchester

                                                 GroupMe Poll Vote: 16 to 0 in Favor of Oliver King


    Vote on Secretary – Amanda Simmons w/attachment, Carol Laxner w/attachment,

                   Tracy Goddard (withdrew as a candidate.

                   Motion:  Chris Wheaton                  Second:  Kurt Luman

                                                 GroupMe Poll Vote: 13 to 5 in Favor of Amanda Simmons


    Vote on Sponsorship/Fundraising Manager – Tracy Goddard

                   Motion:  Ricky Darrow                     Second:  Chris Lewis

                                  GroupMe Poll Vote: 13 to 0 in Favor of Tracy Goddard


    Vote on Umpire-In-Chief – Mike Setaro

                   Motion:  Chris Lewis                         Second:  Phillip Manchester

                                  GroupMe Poll Vote: 11 to 0 in Favor of Mike Setaro (Mike acknowledged this as a

                                  non-paid position to ensure he retains a vote at board meetings)


  4. Agenda Item #4

                   Propose to allow expenditures of less than $200.00 be approved without MAJORITY VOTE by 3

                   Officers; President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Safety Officer, Information Officer,

                   Sponsorship Manager, Marketing Manager.


                   Motion:  Carol Laxner                       Second:  Mike Setaro


  5. Agenda Item #5

                   Fall Ball Discussion Points:

                                  Total Enrollment to date – Signage for Enrollments; City Woodland Ave. 

                                  75 enrollments to date


                                  Assessment Dates:  Projected date for Baseball 8/3/2022 to 8/5; Softball will be decided

                                  closer to this these dates and float in as needed.


                                  Fall Ball Start Date:  Projected 9/6/2022


                                  Hat Orders (Snapbacks Vs Fitted), Designing of Hat – Majority of Board in favor of

                                  staying with a fitted Dome brand hat.  Board will submit a Player list to each Player

                                  Agent on 8/2 for return on 8/4 to ensure appropriate size alignment for each child on

                                  hat and uniform size.  If this is not submitted back by 8/4 Hat and Uniform will be

                                  ordered per the Parental Jot form submission.  Hats for Softball team should be a

                                  vented Visor or Snapback (TBD) and have the matching design to baseball hats.


                                  Pre-emptive Ordering – Baseballs, Softballs, Handbooks, Bat Racks – William will speak

                                  with his contact to see if two seasons quantity of Baseballs can be ordered at a

                                  discounted price and have on hand by 9/6/2022.  Will also look to order Softballs to

                                  satisfy two seasons of play.

                                  No discussion on: Handbooks, Bat Racks


    Misc. Discussion Topics Discussed

                                  Potential of Having Sleeveless Jerseys for Softball Teams

                                  Discuss with Lake Helen the use of their fields for practice on Friday, Saturday and

                                  Sunday’s – Chris Lewis TBD on taking lead to establish this relationship with City Parks





  6. Agenda Item #6

               Set Date for Next Board Meeting – Board agreed to have on 3rd Sunday each Month with the next

               To be held on 7/17/2022 at 6:00 PM


Meeting Adjourned at 8:19 PM

League Sponsors

DeLand Little League

Chipper Jones Baseball Complex (DLL), 403 S. Alabama Ave
DeLand, Florida 32724

Email: [email protected]

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