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Jun, 2017

League Rules: Softball

DELAND Spring 2017 Rules for Softball (District # 19)

All Presidents were in agreement to these rules at the District 19 Presidents meeting held February 6, 2017


  • Home Team (Field first) is first base dugout: Responsible to remove the mound covers, put out bases, and provide at least 5 league-provided game balls. If you are the last game on your field, you are responsible to cover the mound and put the bases back in the stairway.
  • Away team is third base dugout and bats first


  • Players are expected to wear league provided uniforms and hats. All shirts are to be tucked in.
  • NO METAL cleats or screw in football cleats are permitted
  • Catchers are REQUIRED to wear proper catching gear/equipment – Helmet with mask, Chest protector, and shin guards will be provided by league.
  • Batting Helmets are mandatory for hitting but do NOT require safety masks and chin straps

Game Play

  • All Games will be 1hr 30min weekday or weekend.
  • 9 Players on the field only.
  • 1 Coach is allowed in the outfield while your team is playing defense
  • The first two innings coach pitch, and the rest of the game shall be kid pitch until April 17th, 2017, then the whole game will be kid pitch
  • COACH PITCH--During coach pitch there will be a max of 7 pitches unless the 7th pitch continues to be fouled. Batter is out after 7th pitch is not fouled or if she swings and misses 3 pitches before the 7th pitch. There are no walks in coach pitch and strikes will only be called when the batter swings and misses.
  • No ringing on the infield. All players should be in position
  • Minimum of 8 Players to start a game.
  • Absolutely no coaches or gentlemen agreements outside of the rules set forth by District #19 and or Little League International rules will prevail as such LL International D19 and local league rules.
  • Local league rules cannot be enforced on visiting leagues.
  • The Game must have an umpire