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Aug, 2017

League Rules: Machine Pitch

Machine Pitch Division


  • Home Team (Field first) is first base dugout: Responsible to remove the mound covers, put out bases, and provide at least 5 league-provided game balls. If you are the last game on your field, you are responsible to cover the mound and put the bases back in the stairway.
  • Away team is third base dugout and bats first


  • Players are expected to wear league provided uniforms and hats. All shirts are to be tucked in.
  • NO METAL cleats or screw in football cleats are permitted
  • Catchers are REQUIRED to wear proper catching gear/equipment – Helmet with mask, Chest protector, and shin guards will be provided by league. Protective Cups are recommended
  • Batting Helmets are mandatory for hitting but do NOT require safety masks and chin straps
  • Pitching machine speeds are to be set per the league instructions. They are not to be altered or modified to higher/slower speeds to accommodate hitters during game play. 

Game Play

  • 5 innings or 75 minute time limit (whichever comes first)– once an inning begins, it should be finished even if the 75 minute time limit has expired
    • If an inning ends and there is less than 5 minutes left before the 75 min time limit, please don’t start a new inning. Use your best discretion.
  • If a team is short the 9 players, they may play with 8 but the 9th batter will be an automatic out. With Player Agent approval you may pull up an older player from t-ball if you choose to, but not a player form the same league, from outside the league (insurance/liability reasons), or down from minors.
  • If your team has 7 or fewer players, you may still play the game but the opponent wins by forfeit.
  • 5 runs or 3 outs to complete 1⁄2 inning
  • 2 Base limit on bases for hits. No extra bases on an overthrow
  • If a hit comes back to the pitching machine and makes contact with the machine without player interference, the ball is dead and the batter is awarded a single. Base runners make move if forced and may not take more than one base.
  • 7 Pitches to make a hit. If the final pitch is foul, the batter gets another pitch until they hit or strike out.
    • If the batter fouls a pitch during the count, they are not awarded an extra pitch at the end of the count. They may only be awarded an extra pitch if they foul off the 7th (or later) pitch
  • No three strike rule, player may swing at every pitch if they choose
  • No intentional bunting
  • Player must drop (not throw or run with) bat before reaching halfway to first
  • Teams bat through entire line up regardless of number of players
  • Field is standard 9 positions, with 10th- 11th,  12th, position(s) additional outfield or on bench

Pitching/Defensive coaches

  • Coach will load pitching machine – no player is to pitch
  • Only 3 Defensive Coaches are permitted on field No Parents or Fans (NO EXCEPTIONS) during defense, does not include Pitching Coach for team batting 
  • Coach will do their best not to interfere with hit balls, only as a safety precaution for a player. In the event of a safety stop of ball, ball will be re-pitched and runners will retreat to previous bases.
  • Pitching coach is part of the field and any ball that hits pitching coach or defensive coach is to be played live. In the event of a ball hitting coach, teams are to use good judgment to re-pitch. In the event of a re-pitch, runners retreat to previous base


  • No stealing, or leading off base.
  • Players must run in base path, or will be called out.
  • Fielders must give clear paths for baserunners.
  • May not interfere with a fielder fielding the ball – interference results in runner being out
  • Must avoid collisions
  • May not be hit by batted ball in fair play (runner will be out)
  • Feet first Sliding is allowed, no head first sliding 


  • Closest base coach/fielding coach makes the call. Ties go to the runner.
  • PLAY APPEAL Procedure
    • Appeal to be made between head coaches only and is to be discussed like adults
    • If agreement cannot be made, default is Base Runner is SAFE


  • Will not be tolerated at any time
  • Any incident must be reported to any league official immediately
  • Players will be benched by coaches
  • Parents and or coaches will be removed from game
League officials are permitted to discontinue player, coach, or parent from league with no refund of fees at any time due to conduct